Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Some Progress on the Normans

I've now managed to get 3 plastic Norman knights done, representing truly glacial progress..

They're quite nice to paint, it's just the very limited time I've had to devote to them. So now I'm halfway through the first unit, and at least the leader is done. I am working on the other 3, which will include a standard bearer and 2 figures with their spears held overarm. Then it's the foot unit, then the other mounted bunch. There's about 7 weeks until they're needed, so you never know, I might get them done!

The leader's shield is a pre-cursor to the eventual Medetian pale blue cross, which I thought would be more interesting as a winged beast in this period. At some point someone married someone, and the original red field became quartered red and black, as displayed by my later Medetian forces. Even when it's fictional, it's nice for the history to make sense!

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Bits and Pieces

Not loads, but a few items were progressed this week. I finished some 6mm FPW Bavarians that were mostly done back in August, which means the Bavarian corps is now complete. :)

Also, I painted the Fenris Games treasure chests that will one day be used for Frostgrave objectives:

Next, a horse and limber (Front Rank) for my 18th century Fleurian Legion artillery:

I have also painted a battalion gun for a new battalion that I'm basing, and which will be the subject of its own post soon (I hope!)

Finally, I painted a first Conquest Games plastic Norman Knight for my Lion Rampant force. It was a simple paint job and a nice easy figure to paint, which gives me some confidence that I'll get at least a unit done for the November multi-player game.

I'd like to get a game in sometime soon, so will have a think about what I might manage to get set up next weekend.

Monday, 7 September 2015

A belated start to my Lion Rampant force

August kind of got away from me hobby-wise, with a lack of opportunities to get anything done. One thing that was delayed was making a start on my Lion Rampant force, for which I'd bought the first figures but had barely managed to open the box.

I've got a multi-player Lion Rampant game weekend in November, in celebration of Goat Major recently joining the ranks of the seriously ancient. I'm looking forward to this event and would feel a bit guilty if I didn't bring any figures of my own along so, like others, I've committed to turn up with whatever I can get done in time. It's actually serving as a useful preliminary deadline for Ayton 2017 (we like to plan ahead!), which will be LR-focused and should see a very interesting collection of retinues turn up for a weekend mini-campaign.

My force, with pretty much anything from 1000-1500AD to choose from, is going to be based on the Normans in Italy in the late 11th Century. This suits me for a number of reasons;

  • I've always liked Normans, and was painting them in 15mm (TTG figures) over 30 years ago
  • I'd rather paint them than anything more 'High Medieval' with all the heraldry, etc
  • I can extend things imagi-nation-wise to cover the earliest Medetians, which I see as being Norman adventurers who decided to grab a nice bit of sunny coastline
  • By adding some Saracen allies I can re-use those figures as natives for my colonial Sharp Practice project
  • Nothing much else really appealed as it's not a period I've ever really considered doing at this scale

After a lot of looking around on the web, I settled on the plastic figures from Conquest Games as the core of my force - certainly for the mounted element. There's plenty of variety in the box, and enough for 15 figures. I need 6 for a unit of 'mounted men-at-arms' (Knights to you and me) and 6 more for a unit of mounted serjeants. I'll divide them on the basis of how much armour they're wearing and work out some colour schemes for them.

For now, I need to plough through the inevitable grind of preparing and sticking them together. The lances will generally be replaced with brass ones and I'll add a banner or two.

First go:

My leader with some of his bodyguard unit of Knights:

I'll come up with a name for him and some more background fluff in due course.
9 more to go, but I might get one painted soon just to see how they'll look.

Simple buildings for the islands

Now I'm back from my hols, I thought I'd follow up the last post with the other naval game scenery I finished in August:

As you can guess, they're Monopoly buildings. I picked up a cheap set without chimneys from ebay and have decided on basic clusters of 3 houses for settlements and 2 hotels for industrial or military (ie. when placed next to an airfield or harbour) centres.

A quick paint job and I've got 4 town and 3 industrial bases, with enough to do the same again if I decide I need them.

I just need a handful of very simple trees now!