Friday, 30 January 2015

A Visit To Foundry

Taking Goat Major's advice I recently popped into Foundry's new premises and shop at East Stoke near Newark. I needed a few figures (seriously, about a dozen) and hearing good things about their location and hospitality I thought I'd drop in on my way past.

I was welcomed and looked after with a coffee by Mick, who it turned out I knew through a forum we both frequent. Although I haven't previously owned so much as a single Foundry figure, naturally I'd been aware of them over the years, and more recently heard about and seen the restoration of many of their old ranges. One thing you can be sure of with Foundry is plenty of choice - 13,000 packs I think(!?). The stocked racks go on for room after room and I suspect that if you haven't done your research online beforehand you could easily be there all day. There are worse ways to lose track of time though, I guess :)

I just wanted some naval and other artillery crew types and their Crimean range was perfect. They're not the cheapest, and these days might be a little smaller than most '28s', but I was very happy to pick up exactly what I needed.

So now I own some Foundry figs, and I'd better get going on them as the May event is approaching! I'll post pics when they're done.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

We Are Sailing

Basing your otherwise finished figures can take an age, can't it? Even so, I finally got round to completing this merry bunch of Medetian naval types.

They're a pretty eclectic lot - a mixture of Perry, Mutineer and Victrix figures. Although they're from a variety of actual historical periods they'll all be taking part in the Medetian expedition into the back of beyond at the Ayton gathering in May. Let's just hope there's a river! I'm trusting you Iain!!

While the gatling gun and anyone in a pith/pipe helmet is clearly going to have limited future use, the others will be able to take part in my post-Napoleonic setting using the Sharp Practice rules. Now I just need to finish the small marine contingent, and I have a plan in motion for some stout sailors to go ashore with them. Oh, and the previously tried, tested and calamitous rocket battery is being handed over to the navy to operate, so there are some crew to paint for that.

It occurred to me that my rocket launchers are painted in two shades of blue, which is appropriate considering that 'blue on blue' is their likely contribution to the battles at Ayton. I'd just like to apologise in advance to any allies who're on the receiving end...

Friday, 16 January 2015

The Byzarbian Queen

Steaming (slowly, no doubt) into view below is the most recent addition to the Grand Duke of Medetia's glorious navy, the colonial steam boat Byzarbian Queen.

This is a very nice and simple to put together MDF model from Sarissa Precision, which I ordered via ebay for a tenner; great value in my opinion. It all came laser cut on two A4 sheets of MDF. Everything went together very easily and even the thinnest parts like the awning supports seem robust enough to survive regular handling.

I gave the hull a coat of white, the boiler is in gunmetal and the awning received white and Medetian-blue stripes for a bit of colour. It was a very quick paint job as you can appreciate! I'll add a flag at some point too.

I decided to leave the awning structure and the mast removable, for ease storage and to allow easier access to deck space for figures. It'll hold about a dozen of my 19th century guys on their 20mm round bases, but will normally just be crewed by the three naval types you see in the pictures. These are a mix - Perry officer conning the vessel from the foredeck, Mutineer Miniatures Bosun's mate (with shouldered monkey) at the tiller and another Mutineer figure taking the roll of flustered engineer.

I have a few more nautical coves to finish, along with the rest of my marines. Then they'll need a mission somewhere!

Thursday, 8 January 2015

A Bit of Painting

Although posts have been a bit thin on the ground so far in 2015, I have managed to get back to the painting table.

These are the last of a unit of 30 Medetian Grenadiers, that I've been converting a few at a time with a partial re-paint over the last few months. I bought them on eBay as French Imperial Guard Chasseurs (which is of course what the figures are - by Victrix) and have modified things like their trousers, epaulettes and drums, plus some equipment and tassels, etc. A fair bit of work in reality, but I was starting with nicely painted figures and it was a lot quicker than doing them myself from scratch.

They will muster as the Ducal Guard Grenadier regiment, differing from my other Grenadier regiment by having white cross belts (well, there was no way I was going to re-paint that lot!)

The worst bit was getting them off their plastic bases, to which they'd been stuck with full-on bonding cement. No breakages, but lots of cutting and cursing! Never again..

The mounted officer is a Perry figure, who's going to double up as a Big Man in Sharp Practice games and as a Brigadier in big battles like the one coming up in Ayton in May. The nearest drummer is also actually a Perry, as I needed one more figure to bring the unit up to strength.

I've also got a number of other items and batches on the go, one being some carbine-armed Sipahis to go with my existing lance-armed unit, as a second rank or as a separate detachment. These are RSM figures, based as light cavalry for use with both my 18th and 19th century Medetian/Fleurian armies. As they're fairly simple figures and widely spaced on the bases, I'll be painting them assembled and in situ. It should work - I did the lancers this way and they're in 3s!

More soon, thanks for popping in.