Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Final 2014 Activities

It's been 6mm clipping and basing time here, with my Franco-Prussian War armies' (modest) expansion now underway. I've changed the intended orders of battle several times, trying to work out the best balance of forces for the pencilled in multi-player game and for the collection itself going forward. Working with a number of spare figures I've devised a decent 'rounding out' of my current forces which involves a minimum of new purchases and, most importantly, a minimum of painting. Laziness can be cost-effective!

The armies, French and Prussian/Bavarian, are based and organised for To the Last Gaiter Button by Realtime Wargames. I aim to have 2 corps per side, for a 4 player game. This will represent over 100,000 men in total and allow a fairly large battle to be played out.

Work in progress:

So that's it for my 2014 wargaming, which I've enjoyed immensely. I've also got a lot out of maintaining the blog, and especially from all the comments people have made - they've been much appreciated. I need to get cracking again during January. I have a number of projects on the go at the moment, and a couple of deadlines to meet for games in the first part of the year. I need to set up and play a game too, so I'll have a think about what this might be over a New Year's Eve beer.

Happy New Year to everyone who's dropped in this year, and I hope you do so again in 2015. Cheers!

Saturday, 20 December 2014

All Quiet on the Medetian Front

It's been a very quiet hobby month, as illustrated by the lack of posts recently. Work and other commitments have taken up most of my time and energy and I've struggled to get back to either the painting board or gaming table. Hopefully this weekend will see a turnaround.

I have managed to do some hobby thinking however, in place of actual activity! It's getting to the time when people start laying out their plans, realistic or otherwise, for the coming year; painting, gaming, modelling, etc. I've contributed to one forum thread already and here's an initial plan for where my priorities will (probably!) lie for 2015..

Games and get togethers:

  • More home-and-away games with Goat Major, hopefully a continuing mix of Sharp Practice, 17th century skirmish and, with any luck, a return to Chain of Command (hint, hint)
  • A group weekend with some forum pals, hosted between me and GM; more Sharp Practice and possibly a Corps-per-player FPW battle in 6mm
  • A BIG battle at John Ray's as part of his post-7YW campaign. I'll be commanding a sumptuous horde of Austrians and allies against wily Old Fritz himself. Can't wait!
  • The 'A Military Gentlemen' forum group multi-player game at Partizan, which is going to be amazing and hopefully provide an excellent social weekend too
  • The annual Ayton weekend in May; 19th century massed madness in the desert, followed by massed madness in the pub
  • Just maybe, another autumn group gaming weekend if we manage to rally ourselves to plan one
  • On the home front my plans are for:
    • more Sharp Practice
    • another 18th century solo battle
    • some 15mm ancients and fantasy
    • at least one 6mm Renaissance game, but hopefully a mini-campaign
    • a return to the inter-war naval scene
All the above represents a lot of gaming, and an increase on this year's achievements (which weren't bad either). As far as I'm concerned that's the way I want my hobby to be, so roll on 2015!

Painting 'plan' next..

Monday, 1 December 2014

Medetian Bersaglieri Leaders

Recently finished: two leader figures for my post-Napoleonic Medetian light infantry - the Bersaglieri. These troops effectively count the same as British Riflemen in Sharp Practice games, and very effective they are too.

I use Front Rank Austrian Jager figures, as they have the appropriate headgear for my early 19th century Medetians. These two are an officer (Lieutenant Verdicchio) and a sergeant (Rigato), based as Big Men for the rules. The sergeant does actually have a face, I just struggled to get any decent light onto the front of the figure for this quick photo shoot!

This leaves just 20 more rank and file to do next year sometime...